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Female Superparent

Become a

with OrVana


Choose any of our products as your superpower to make your kids healthy and happy.

Male superparent
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We believe you'll agree that Kids should play and enjoy Life, not worry about health issues and diseases...

By becoming a SUPERPARENT, you can...


Enhance Nutrition

Experience the wholesome goodness of nature with Orvana's traditionally grown produce.


Enhance Immunity

Boost your immunity naturally with Orvana's nutrient-rich produce.


Prepare Tasty Meals

Craft delicious and nutritious meals with Orvana's premium ingredients.

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We have to be honest with you:

it’s not just about farming for us

– we genuinely care about you.

That's why we have perfected

traditional farming techniques

for you.

Let us help you pick a SuperPower...

- OrVana's Microgreens are young, tender plants harvested shortly after they sprout.

- Microgreens deliver a powerful burst of flavor and can transform the taste of any dish.

- They are grown hydroponically and are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

- Locally grown, they're delivered on harvest day for maximum freshness and nutritional value.

- Need more help? Download our E-book to find out more about OrVana's Microgreens....

Pick Microgreens that suit your cuisine!!

Now that you have picked your SuperPowers...


Choose your flavour

Let us know

Order your microgreens to elevate your dishes.

Harvest and deliver


We Harvest & Deliver on the

We harvest every Saturday and deliver the same day...


orvana superparent
orvana superparent

Become a 

Spend Quality time with your healthy and happy kids...

Why we do what we do?

At OrVana, we understand your desire to be a SUPERPARENT. To achieve that, your kids' health and happiness are crucial. The problem is unsafe/unethical farming practices cause you stress. We believe kids deserve to play and enjoy life without health worries. We care not only about farming but also about you, which is why we've mastered traditional farming practices.

Here’s how it works, you select a flavor, we harvest and deliver, and you become a SUPERPARENT.

So, choose the MicroGreen's flavor that best suits your cuisine from OrVana's variety of offerings, place your order, and wait for the weekend. In the meantime, explore The World of OrVana's MicroGreens: Flavor, Nutrition, and Tips.

This way, you can stop stressing and spending time in the doctor’s office, and instead, enjoy quality time with your kids.

Dive into the world of orvana microgreens

Download our E-Book and start down the journey of becoming a



1) Nutrition profile of each microgreen..

2) Flavour profile of each microgreen..

3) Tips to incorporate in any cuisine..

Want to know what OrVana's Happy Customers are saying?

Absolutely thrilled with the micro greens I purchased! The quality is top-notch, and they consistently deliver fresh, vibrant greens. The variety offered is impressive, making it a joy to experiment with different flavors. The customer service is excellent too – prompt and friendly. Highly recommend for anyone looking for high quality micro greens, which are harvested at the right time!

~Kartik Puttaiah

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